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Synagogue Leadership Conference 2011 Workshops: “This is the Moment”

Posted on April 06, 2011

The convention’s theme, “Profiles in Chutzpah,” presented “out of the box thinking” that leaders can utilize to enhance and inspire their kehillot, congregations. This week, we’re featuring part of Harvey Brenner’s presentation, “This is the Moment” — Merging at the Right Time for Your Kehillah:

Session Resources:

Session Description: Is this the time to consider other organizational models than the traditional ‘stand alone’ synagogue? A forward looking, case study – interactive approach to real world membership and financial issues facing today’s synagogues.

Harvey Brenner is a Fellow in Temple Administration (“FTA” as jointly conferred by The National Association for Temple Administration (see, the C.C.A.R. (The Central Conference of American Rabbis) and the U.R.J. (The Union for Reform Judaism) and the author of the thesis, “Merging Congregations: The Exploration, Facilitation and Execution of a Synagogue Merger and the Role of the Administrator/Executive Director in the process”, (see: published in April, 2008.

He is currently the Executive Director of Congregation Or Zarua, a Conservative synagogue in New York City, and an active member of both NAASE (Conservative) and NATA (Reform), peer group organizations for synagogue executives directors and administrators.

He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Queens College of the City University of New York and his Master of Science in Education from St. John’s (N.Y.) University.

Mr. Brenner enjoyed a successful 30+ year career in sales, marketing and general business management before transitioning into the not-for-profit world as a synagogue executive.

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