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Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews about the METNY Biennial Convention from synagogue leaders:

“The panel discussion was great. The networking was valuable. And [the] workshop was fantastic, both stimulating and helpful.”
-Dr. Dana Johnston, President, Hollis Hills Jewish Center

“Kol Ha’kavod–Great conference. There was lots of substance. Best METNY program I have attended!”
-Joel Podell, Midway Jewish Center

“In general, the Biennial program addressed some real concerns of today’s congregations. In particular, I found the workshop on Data Driven Decisions to be one of the best if not the best workshop I have ever attended at a biennial convention. It was actually worth going to the convention for.”
-Alan Aaronson, Israel Center of Conservative Judaism

“We are always looking for new ideas and this is the venue to find them.”
-Marilyn Kaufman, President, Israel Center of Conservative Judaism

“I thought the panel discussion and Rabbi Savenor’s presentation was outstanding and thought provoking.”
-Michael Brofman, President, Hillcrest Jewish Center

“…I made a valuable contact in the workshop I attended.”
-JoAnne Shapiro, Religious School Principal, North Shore Jewish Center

“It is always inspiring to listen to successes of others…The theme was on target and I thought the feel was warm and optimistic.”
– Dan Gerstman, President, Hewlett-East Rockaway Jewish Centre

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