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Leadership Bibliography

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Letting Go: Transforming Congregations by Roy Phillips.  Publisher: Alban Institute.

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The Power of Asset Tapping: How Your Congregation Can Act on Its Gifts by Luther K. Snow. Publisher: Alban Institute.

Stepping Forward: Synagogue Visioning & Planning by Robert Leventhal.  Publisher: Alban Institute.  The author has attended the USCJ Sulam program as participant and presenter.  He has been a consultant to USCJ congregations.

Becoming a Congregation of Learners: Learning as a Key to Revitalizing Congregational Life by Dr. Isa Aron.  Publisher: Jewish Lights.

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The Spirituality of Welcoming: How to Transform Your Congregation into a Sacred Community by Dr. Ron Wolfson.  Publisher: Jewish Lights.  Dr. Wolfson is a longtime consultant to USCJ congregations and a “product” of Conservative Judaism’s programs.

The Self-Renewing Congregation: Organizational Strategies for Congregational Revitalization by Dr. Isa Aron.  Publisher: Jewish Lights.

Leading Congregational Change: A Practical Guide for the Transformational Journey by Jim Herrington, Mike Bonem, and James H. Furr.  Publisher: Jossly-Bass.

Leadership Skills for Jewish Educators: A Casebook by Sheila Rosenblum, editor.  Publisher: Behrman House.

Conservative Judaism: Our Ancestors to our Descendants by Dr. Elliot Dorff.  USCJ Publication.

Aliyah: The Rabbinic Search as an Uplifting Religious Experience by Rabbi Elliot Salo Schoenberg.  Rabbinical Assembly Publication, online.

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