Today is August 28, 2016 - 24 Av 5776 · Shabbat Candlelighting Times


Please feel free to read the following newspaper articles in preparation for the event.

Articles About India:

Damaged Jewish Center Is Disputed 2 Years After Mumbai Attacks
by Vikas Bajaj (NY Times, 11/24/10)

Heartfelt Moments on an Up-and-Down Global Trip
by Sheryl Gay Stolberg (NY Times, 11/13/10)

Fed Action Gets an Unexpected Endorsement From India
by Sheryl Gay Stolberg & Vikas Bajaj (NY Times, 11/8/10)

Countering China, Obama Backs India for U.N. Council
by Sheryl Gay Stolberg & Jim Yardley (NY Times, 11/8/10)

America and India: The Almost-Special Relationship
by Jim Yardley (NY Times, 11/6/10)

Obama Invokes Gandhi, Whose Ideal Eludes India
by Jim Yardley (NY Times, 11/6/10)

In India, Obama Courts Corporate America
by Sheryl Gay Stolberg & Vikas Bajaj (NY Times, 11/6/10)

Obama Is Not Likely To Push India Hard on Pakistan
by Lydia Polgreen & Mark Landler (NY Times, 11/5/10)

Articles About Israel:

Western Wall Feud Heightens Israeli-Palestinian Tensions
by Isabel Kershner (NY Times, 11/25/10)

G.O.P. and Tea Party Are Mixed Blessing for Israel
by Mark Landler and Jennifer Steinhauer (NY Times, 11/25/10)

Eviction of Palestinian Family, After a Legal Battle, Underlines Tensions Over Jerusalem
by Isabel Kershner (NY Times, 11/23/10)

Israel Enacts Bill to Force Referendum on a Treaty
by Isabel Kershner (NY Times, 11/22/10)

Palestinian Leader Insists on Halt to Settlements
by Isabel Kershner (NY Times, 11/21/10)

Why America Chases an Israeli-Palestinian Peace
by Ethan Bronner (NY Times, 11/20/10)

Israel Approves Withdrawal From Part of a Village on Lebanon Border
by Isabel Kershner (NY Times, 11/17/10)

Gaza: Airstrike Kills a Militant and His Brother, Israeli Military Says
by Fares Akram (NY Times, 11/17/10)

Borderline Views: Educating For Tolerance
by David Newman (Jerusalem Post, 11/16/10)

Expert Tells MKs: We Have 15 Years to Fight Assimilation
by Gil Shefler (Jerusalem Post, 11/16/10)

Netanyahu Agrees to Push for Freeze in Settlements
by Mark Landler (NY Times, 11/13/10)

Between Loyalty and Betrayal: Israeli Democracy in 2010
by Hagai El-Ad (The Jerusalem Post, 11/10/10)

Whose Jerusalem?
Editorial (The Forward, 11/10/10)

U.S. Struggles to Restore Middle East Talks
by Mark Landler (NY Times, 11/10/10)

In Curt Exchange, U.S. Faults Israel on Housing
by Mark Landler & Ethan Bronner (NY Times, 11/9/10)

Israel Plans 1,000 Housing Units in East Jerusalem
by Isabel Kershner (NY Times, 11/8/10)

All Conversions Now Under Review in Israel as Crisis Escalates
by Nathan Jeffray (The Forward, 11/3/10)

Israel’s U.N. Envoy, a Lieberman Appointee, Says Peace Is Possible Within a Year
by Joy Resmovits (The Forward, 10/22/10)

On Peace, Lebanon, Iran and Gilad Schalit
by Meron Reuben (The Jerusalem Post, 10/21/10)

Just Knock It Off
by Thomas Friedman (The New York Times, 10/19/10)

New Envoy Hopes to Make UN More Important to Israel
by Jordana Horn (The Jerusalem Post, 10/10/10)

My Cousin, the Ambassador to the UN
by Steve Linde (The Jerusalem Post, 7/25/10)

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